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tv   [untitled]    November 5, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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large, flatbed scanners? sorry. this is a traditional issue. it takes months sometimes to go through. >> yes, in limbo over there. they are not on microfilm. they are just hard to find. president goh: are those different plans that we have in our path that -- packet? i see, ok. >> they may be the same as approved, or not exactly. president goh: some kind of modification, when you have not seen it? >> i have seen the plans, which is what i think he is showing us, the plans that you have there for the proposed. that has not been approved yet, as far as i can see.
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president goh: so can you tell me how this goes on in the field? they removed the joists, then replace those, and then the specter comes before it is closed up and ensures that those additional joists were put in properly. >> everything you said is correct. that is right. it would be closed up and re- roofed. at that point, the building would be watertight before you do the deck, and then you would put the deck on top of the new roof. president goh: and at what point is someone from your department there to oversee? >> the inspector would be there before the plywood is put on the main structural roof, which is the joist, the 2"x12" joist, so
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the inspector would be there before it is covered up, so that would be part of the process. and then we would go back probably once or twice more during the construction of the deck, for the framing of the roof deck, and then we would do a final inspection. probably three or four times, because there are going to be two permits. and the other 14 this roof deck. -- the other one for this route deck. president goh: great, thank you. director goldstein: is there any public comment? seeing none, we will move into rebuttal. the appellant has three minutes of revival. -- rebuttal.
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>> i do not want to question any of the points that mr. beresford made, other than to say he has followed the directions he had been given, and if the board sees fit to insist that he seek a permit for strengthening the substructure, and that it be inspected, i think we are completely in agreement with going forward. we did see his deck design. as far as i understand, that design was submitted by the contractor for a permit. a permit was issued on august 31 for the new design, and we do not have a problem with that. ok.
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director goldstein: mr. beresford, anything further? >> no, thank you. director goldstein: then i believe the matter is submitted. commissioners? commissioner fung: i would move to grant the appeal, with a condition that the permit holder apply and procure a permit for the structural upgrade of the roof structure. vice president garcia: can we request that it be expedited? we are moving into hopefully a rainy season. director goldstein: commissioner fung, would that be on the basis if the permit is co-compliant? commissioner fung: yes. director goldstein: mr. pacheco,
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would you call the world? it does not look like there is any additionthis. is this correct? secretary pacheco: again, we have a motion from commissioner fung, that he applied for and procure a new building permit for structural upgrade of the roof structure and on the basis that this permit is code compliance. on that motion, president goh, vice president garcia, commissioner peterson, commissioner hwang is absent, the boat is four-zero. the appeal is upheld with that condition and on that basis. director goldstein: ok, thank you. we will move into the last item on our calendar, which is item number eight, a discussion and possible adoption of the department's annual report.
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commissioners, we repaired -- prepared this report as part of the city charter, as all do, and it is also to inform the public. this covers the fiscal year 2010-2011, from july 1, 2010, to june 30, 2011, and what i thought i would do is touch on some of the highlights, and that i would be happy to answer any questions you might have. during that fiscal year, you have heard 151 matters, a 13% increase from the prior year. however, it also reflects that appeal volume was down significantly if we look at the 10-year average. it was down from the -- for the third year in a row, and i took a look at this trend. at least 45% of the appeals stemmed from dbi issues, and it might begin to look at what the volume has been over at dbi over
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that same 10-year period, and i did notice some similarities. in 2008, when the economy started to go south, it went down 12% at dbi, and building permit volume went down about 16%, so that is similar to what we experienced, and the terrible part of volume continued to stay down -- the total volume went down. it has stayed relatively constant in the past year, so although our appeal volume tends to be willing to building permits, we are not seeing that same increase in our appeals. i am not quite sure why that is. i think it is possible that the nature of the building permits being issued are perhaps for smaller projects or things that people are doing, interior remodeling, and it could be that the resources necessary for people to file appeals with the
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board are just too precious right now given the economic situation that a lot of people find themselves in. i am not really sure, but i thought it was good to take a look at the history. year to date, the trend for the appeal volume continues to be below average. we have received 48 new appeals since the beginning of this fiscal year, and if this trend continues, then we will and the year again with below-average numbers of appeals. i would have to say it is a little too soon to know. so the report breaks down the appeals, looking at issuing departments, where do these appeals come from, the nature of the appeals, whether it is a protest,also what action the bo. gmajority of appeals where land use.
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permits were the next largest categories. you of held half of those -- the remaining matters were pending by the end of the year or withdrawn and. you can have a map of both property appeals throughout the city, and i think the map shows a fairly disperse area. in addition, the board spent a good chunk of time on revision. i want to thank you for when you contributed on that. the board passed those and
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helped to fine-tune and create efficiencies. we also tried to reduce and the issues. there were 38. we have eliminated about a third of those. there is some work needed by other departments and some of the project sponsors need to take action, and most of the others were which pending -- with pending issues. the board undertook a variety of issues to improve access to members of the public who have limited english speaking capabilities.
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we also have an organization but provides over the phone who translations. i feel we are capable of coverihelping just about anyoneo walks through gone doris. -- walks through the doors. we have been continuing to work on a database that will report on cases and also to create electronic notices on the board's decisions. gooi am hoping to have been bacd up and available to the public. moving on to the budget, the
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board did face another challenging year. wheat ended with a deficit in -- we ended with the deficit. we did generate a surplus in our filing fees, but that is a small portion of the budget, and while a 6% revenue shortfall is not wonderful news, it is an improvement over prior years. i hope we continue to move in this direction and find the ability to generate revenue and this year and going forward. it was pretty clear early on we needed to take some measures to
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reduce expenditures. we cut salary. we also were able to reduce some costs of processing of appeals, and we were also able to increase utilization of the work order. the board reduced expenditures by 13%. the current budget, we generated just over 30% of projected revenues so far. it is still difficult to see how this will carry us through the rest of the year, and we are aware of how to limit expenditures where we stand.
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we will continue to develop electronic methods of tracking and sharing the board's work and to continue to review and updates all of the resource materials to provide as much service to the public as possible. >> i have an interesting note as far as when you were going over the 10-year cycle. good reason look at when filing fee increases occur and whether that impacted the number of cases. -- we should look at the number of filing fee increases the darker and whether they impact the number of cases.
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i believe there were two increases in those years. >> i know since i have been on the board there was one increase, and most of those have not been increased for well over a dozen years. the surcharges have been adjusted on a more regular basis. >> this is very well done, but i am curious. this is a map of the city, and it states that fewer of appeals are filed in the southwest of the city. does that area happen to appeal less? >> i do not know where it is
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spread out through the city, and i can certainly look into it. >> this is well done. thank you. >> i just wanted to commands director gold seen on thispreset illustrates a well-run agency, and you are doing a great job. i am particularly happy to hear about the increase in accessibility with translation services and website organizations. it is great news and a great way to help us help the public, and you have done a fantastic job.
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it was challenging to try to revise some of our rules. i thank you for your patience with the process as well. we need to ask if there is any public comment. simenon, we need a motion to a except its. -- seeing none, we need a motion to accept it. >> so moved zeroth. it is such a fabulous report, we all would like to make the motion. >> on that motion to except the report for fiscal year 2010- 2011. [calling votes] of the vote is 4-0. the annual report is accepted.
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>> there is no further business. we are adjourned. tape 55 >> welcome, this is carl. >> great to meet you. >> great to me you, and i want to thank you for your interest and this is the city's animal shelter.
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and come in and a lot of people come here to adopt a animal or if they have lost their animal or looking for other animals. and we deal with other animals like birds and rabbits and you name it. this is more to see in this facility and more to see in the community. and i suggest you go with an animal control person and see what they co, whether rescuing animals in distress or hit by a car or dealing with aggressive animals or wildlife or a variety of things. you can only get that flavor with them and doing it first hand. >> i have been with animal control for about six years, i spent a year in the kennel and
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then the office came up and i started doing it and it really fit. it's really the job for me. and animals i have to handle and i know what i am doing, i rarely get scared. [whistle]. we do a lot of investigations and most are not as bad as people report but everyone once in a while they are. and i had one and people had moved out and the dog was in the inside and it makes me teary and when the dog is in the backyard, and i can pull an animal out of a horrible environment and feel good. >> where does this animal go after this? >> they go for the shots and
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then the kennel. >> and if they just found this, and once we enter everything in the computer and they can track to find out if the dog went back home. we hold them for five days. >> this is a stray dog and it came in today and we immobilize it and then put it in a room with food and water. >> and then evaluate for medical behavior and see if anyone is interested in adopting then. >> we want to be sure that their behavior is good for the average adopter and not aggression problem, toward people or animals. >> and if they growl and don't bite the hand, she passes that.
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and good girl, in case she has something in her mouth, we get it out. and one more test, called the startle test and it startled hear but she came to me. and passed the handling test. >> for the mental exam i feel for lumps and bumps. and the ears and see if they are infected and look at the eyes and be sure they are clear and don't have cataracts and look at their teeth and heart. this is the first job that i feel i make a dvrngs. -- difference. and we may do 40 to 80 animals a day for treatments.
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and do blood work and skin scrapings and cultures to diagnose different diseases. and x-rays, i can take an animal that would be euthanized at a different shelter and fix it and get it ready for a home. >> we have a partnership and we let a professional groomer run a private business from our facility and in turn grooms our shelter animals. what is the big deal of that? when someone comes to adopt an animal, if it looks good, chances are it will be adopted more. >> and we groom and clean the ears and the works. >> typically a shelter wouldn't have grooming?
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>> not at all. and these dogs are treated with the utmot -- utmost care that others can't provide. this is a shampoo to bring out the luster. and i feel satisfied in helping the shelter pets be adopted and to be a part of such a wonderful staff, from the top all the way down. if she passes our evaluation, she will stay until she's adopted. if you are interested in adoption and don't want to put them to sleep, that means at a last resort, we will give you a call before putting to sleep. you are not bound to the dog, and we would give you a call, and it's an actual adoption and cost $107 and it will be your dog.
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>> the volunteers to meet are the unsung heroes in this field that take the animals to hope and nurse them to get strong enough to come down and rehome. without volunteers, i would have to be honest to say this wouldn't be much more than a pound. we thank god that we have the number of committed people coming down and helping us out, it makes all the difference in the world. >> when you want to come in and volunteer, you go through a general orientation, about two hours. there is a lot of flexibility. and the various programs available, are baseline dog walking. you can work with the cats. you can work with tony's kitty rescue, with the small animals
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and guinea pigs and birds and chickens. >> you always have an appreciative audience. >> do you feel that what you have learned here helped you with your own dogs? >> the training they don't have? yes. and it's things that you learn, we usually outlive our dogs and every time you get a new one, you have skills to teach them. >> one of the programs is training program and it's staffed by a member of the community and one of the programs she has is dog socialization. >> we started this program for canine socialization. and all the dogs available for adoption get to play for two
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hours. and it's a time for them to get incredible exercise and play with other dogs and we have remedial socialization. and it's incredible the dogs and they get exercise and run and tumble and when most adopters come to look in the afternoon, they are quiet and settled. >> and i want come and someone sees a dog and loves it, it's quick. and after three weekends, i saw him and he connected and i connected and came back. >> what is your experience of working with the animals? >> unbelievable. from the guy that is came to the house and everyone here, they are friendly and knowledge believe and -- knowledgeable
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and they care about the animals. >> and it's a great place to visit and look at the animals and maybe fall in love and take one home. and look at our grooming program and volunteer program and many say, hey, this >> about four years ago, [inaudible] look at how beautiful this was. there is our relationship to the planet. these regions are the wealthiest, the most powerful.
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that really has impacted the planet. it is almost impossible now to go anywhere and had it really be completely dark. there are very few locations that you can find. that means our relationship to the sky, there is a way where we dominate the sky. we cannot see anything really. we are blinding ourselves in a way. >> you can look at the images, they are beautiful.


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